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DON'T SET YOURSELF UP TO FAIL.........Monday Motivational

June 19, 2017

So we all know that MONDAY is the first day of the rest of our lives in terms of "Diet and Exercise".......

How many times have we vowed to start our new way of living after a weekend of eating and drinking too much? I absolutely have!

The secret to success with this (I believe) is not to set yourself up to fail by setting yourself impossible goals. You know the ones I mean..

I will get up at 6am and run 10k

I will be in the swimming pool by 7am and swim a mile without stopping

I will get to the gym by 6.30am and do an hour in the gym followed by a class

So on and so forth....

With this in mind you need to THINK BIG but start small.

This is where HIIT comes in - (high intensity interval training-Do not be scared by the words High Intensity; it is all relevant to your fitness levels ) This form of training takes so little time and the benefits are enormous terribly quickly. I have had clients come to my 4 day retreat having never exercised in their lives and leave with amazing results and a spring in their step!

You do not have to leave home to do this and you can choose how many minutes you would like to do- I always do 12 minutes but you can choose how you break the minute up (30 seconds on 30 seconds rest).... A short warm up first and cool down stretch and you are good to go!




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