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W H A T  M Y  C L I E N T S  A R E  S A Y I N G...

"What a fab time my husband and I have had with Clare. 

I had been unable to bend my knee for over 18 months and within a day of stretching and Pilates I made really good progress and left being able to bend it. 

Excellent food and accommodation. 

Quite simply a life changing experience. Thank you Clare."

Tracey and John

September 2019

"I spent a wonderful few days with Clare in July 2019. First impressions of everything were that I was going to have fun and enjoy being in Norfolk. The house, my room and the fitness studio are all beautiful and gave me a sense of feeling I am in the right place and as for that kitchen - wow!

Clare’s welcoming, caring approach and her genuine enthusiasm for what she does shines through. I was there to take on a fresh approach to lifestyle - eating, sleeping, exercise and “being”. We had 2 exercise sessions per day of HIIT and pilates and @1 hour walks along the beach or through forest and I loved every minute of these parts to the day. We also adopted intermittent fasting and with homemade nutritious food all prepared for me: I felt in food heaven. Clare loves to cook and she is really good at making meals that suit preferences as well as being filling and healthy. Even the homemade flapjack snacks were great.

I’d highly recommend a few days immersing your self in Clare’s world and you will come away having relaxed in a different way, learned perhaps a different way of exercising and eating and most of all luxuriating in a beautiful place.


I hope to revisit at some time."


July 2019

"It took me about a year to finally summon up the courage to go and stay with Clare for the three nights and four days that is needed to get on her life changing ladder.  I’m not entirely sure what I was afraid of!  I needn’t have been concerned.  Clare is friendly and welcoming beyond words.  Her home is stylish, comfortable and luxurious.  I was so dreading the first visit to the studio in my gym gear (that I literally had bought with all good intention the previous year and left it at the bottom of a draw), but again, there had been no need.  I was shocked beyond words that I actually got through it and I must say, enjoyed it! 


Clare holds your hand through this whole gentle transition.  She is there if you want to talk and she stands back if you want some time to yourself.  The food she prepares is fresh and tasty and plentiful.  There is time to explore the gorgeous surroundings of her Norfolk home and really make you feel like you got away from your life.  There is time to rest up or to catch up on a bit of work, if like me, you run your own small business or you have stuff at home that means truthfully cutting off is a little difficult.  However, there you are, calming down, being kind to yourself, being spoilt by Clare in stunning surroundings, learning how to care for yourself in a new, sensible and important way.  She is sensitive towards your exercise needs as an individual.  She pushes you but not so hard it makes you hate it.  You come out the other side of the exercise regime, really proud of yourself, feeling that you’ve achieved something you never thought you could.  And that is because of Clare. She is empathetic and inspiring and I will be going back for a top up in the spring.  Thank you Clare."

Samantha Wright

June 2019

"My best friend and I were specifically seeking a break which would offer us both fitness and well being as well as a chance to relax in home from home surroundings. Live In Fitness Retreat is the gem we were looking for. It was everything and more than what we expected or imagined.


On arrival, we were greeted by the 'amazing' Clare who's hospitality was beyond compare. A delicious feast of wholesome, tasty food awaited us in her delightful country kitchen and throughout our 4-day stay we were presented with culinary delights to tantalise anybody's taste buds. Clare shared with us her very simple principles on staying fit for life for which she is living proof. The principles were not complicated but they are life-changing.


Throughout our break, we embarked on a series of fitness routines, learnt about simple recipes to cook at home, walked on the stunning beaches of Norfolk and relaxed by the open fire in Clare's beautiful home. In just that short time we became family and Clare will be a life-long friend to both of us. Her genuine warmth will remain with us for many years to come or certainly until we return because one thing if for sure, we will be back.


Thank you Clare, you are amazing and you made us feel amazing too. What more could anyone want and we can't recommend you enough."



March 2019

"My husband and I just retired aged 65 & 68, recently came to a retreat at Clare’s. We were totally unfit & unused to formal exercise, and felt this was our last chance to get fit! The exercises were hard and challenging, but manageable. Clare tailored them to our needs and capabilities. She is such a great teacher who constantly motivated us, that we really looked forward to each session and could see our progress.


Throughout our stay we were treated as guests in Clare’s lovely home, and had healthy but delicious and plentiful home-cooked food throughout ( no rabbit food!). Although we opted not to have alcohol during our stay, it is not “banned”. Clare also took us on great walks in the local area and beaches. At the end of our stay we honestly both felt so good, we were relaxed having been waited on throughout, but best of all felt really motivated to carry on once we got home , and we have done so, aided by Clare’s excellent videos.


Clare is a lovely person and an amazing teacher we can certainly recommend. We intend to come back!"


Teresa, Wiltshire

March 2019

"Having missed the house I called Clare, turned the car to drive back to be greeted by the biggest smile! I found Clare to be one of the most empathic people, able to listen sympathetically to my lifelong problems about being overweight and offering a positive energetic response.  


Since then, just two months ago, I have lost 11lbs and become fitter. Now I am back for a second 'hit', enjoying her company, her enthusiasm and motivation so that I feel able to continue with a positive outlook. It is wonderful to be continually told 'you are amazing', boosting my ego and making me smile - I am 72 - and can totally recommend a stay with Clare, it could change your life."


Sue P. Norwich

January 2019

"Hi Clare. I just wanted to say again, thank you for a brilliant weekend. I knew it was going to be good, having seen Tracey’s interview, but it really exceeded my expectations. I feel I have been given a much needed metaphorical kick up the backside in terms of exercising and diet, not that my diet was too bad, but it’s going to be so much better and with minimal alcohol! I loved everything about the weekend, the combination of lovely beach walks, exercise and fabulous food and your relaxed, cosy and welcoming home…"


"Clare's devotion to fitness and client satisfaction is unquestionable.  She was careful to make sure that I knew how to correctly carry out all the exercises she had shown me over the two sessions, making sure I recorded her on my phone at the end for my future reference.  Clare has kept in touch since and encourages her clients to contact her if they ever need further advice and support "

Jo, Mother of Teenagers Blog

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"Clare is extremely patient and understanding of your capabilities, she takes into account everything from your age, fitness levels and your expectations.  She will create a programme that's right for you and one that you can easily follow at home.  This is a personal one to one experience where it really is all about you, so you get the best out of the course. 

Before you leave, Clare shows you how to correctly carry out each exercise which you record onto your phone.  This means that you have a complete routine for future reference.  If you've struggled to start exercising by yourself before, or give up easily because you're not motivated, this is the course for you"

Tracey, Fighting Fifty

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